Conveyor systems are one of the most important components used in the facilities. Webb, Cardan, Power & Free, and Busbar Transfer conveyor systems carry the painted components many kilometers annually and have an important task.

Heavy workpieces are transported by Webb type conveyor consisting of long life bearings and steel cast chains. It has a large carrying capacity between 120 kg and 2 tons.

Cardan type conveyors are conveyors in which a group of 4 sets of rollers move inside closed guide rails. The cardan conveyors, equipped with vibration-free movement and automatic lubrication, are also preferred in facilities with their exterior appearance.

Power&Free conveyors are a multifunctional conveyor type that offers optimum solutions for increasing capacity, rotating large WORKPIECEs on the belt, and loading & unloading independently of the conveyor movement. It offers users up-to-date solutions with different automation options.

Busbar Transfer type handling and transfer systems are designed for low and medium capacity production in small areas, manual and automatic applications, providing loading and unloading solutions in stationary state.


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